Introducing Optio

A patient-centered interactive platform

We empower millions of patients around the world with additional treatment options for their condition by finding the right clinical trial for them and connecting them to the right medical team.

Trialog Clinical Trials Ltd., a member of the Novolog Healthcare Group, has developed our technology. Optio is a collaborative effort by all the companies in the group to put the “last mile” strategy into motion. Bring the healthcare ecosystem to the patients.

Our talented multidisciplinary team comes from the entire spectrum of the healthcare ecosystem – pharmaceuticals, medical, technology, and digital, bringing together their knowledge to establish vital connections between patients and doctors to advance research and give back patients control of their health.

Our Vision

To do something valuable for you by identifying new ways to manage your condition.

To break down silos in the healthcare ecosystem for you to receive free of charge quality care and without any loss of time.

To empower you with information about additional therapeutic options to manage your condition.

To make vital connections between you and medical experts.

To advance medical research to allow innovation.

Improving lives

We believe that our healthcare system needs to provide us not only with solutions for our medical conditions, but also solutions that promote our wellbeing and social relationships. Despite this, we often find ourselves in situations where standard care does not provide expected results and answers. We continue to receive the same medication, have to wait for appointments and end up looking for information ourselves.

We want to provide you and caregivers with an alternative, a solution that allows you to take control and be the principal actor in charting your healthcare pathways.

Set clear expectations
Set clear expectations

We believe that communication has always been a vital component to healthcare services and a fundamental way to improve quality care, to build trust and improve patients’ satisfaction.

Patient-centric approach
Patient-centric approach

We wish to put the attention on the patient, not on the disease nor on the treatment. Give the patient the decision-making, while providing him with medical recommendations in order to make an informed decision.

Communicate transparently
Communicate transparently

All our partners share the same mindset and believe that patient outcomes are significantly impacted by transparent communication. Therefore, we make it a point of honor to communicate all information whatever it is to our patients.

Support home care
Support home care

Quality care should not end at the hospital. In that sense, we support our medical centers partners with home care services to their patients with the for and foremost quality standards of the industry.

Meet our experts and your advisors

We united a broad panel of specialists and experts in the field of chronic conditions, with extensive experience in clinical research to share with you their vision about the healthcare ecosystem, the way innovation and medical breakthrough is done but above all, the place of the patient in this complex environment. Have a look on what they have to say and react if you want!